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FRÉ: We Rise, When We Lift Each Other Up

Inspired by love, loss and a lot of music, FRÉ presents a new album dedicated to the many ways in which f...


FRÉ is a modern creative vocal jazz/artpop band creating a social musical experience that invites you to connect, think, dance and reflect.

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    € 65 of meer

    The FRÉsh Package + Album Download // Lift everyone up with a FRÉsh organic cotton T-SHIRT and a TOTE BAG (unisex & female cuts available, incl. shipping costs within the EU)

  • € 10 of meer

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Every contribution helps us getting closer! We’re sending you a big virtual hug and a video message from Frederike.

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    WE RISE, When We Lift Each Other Up [digital edition] // We proudly present: our new album in digital form (incl. digital booklet and lyrics)

  • € 38 of meer

    WE RISE, When We Lift Each Other Up [limited physical edition] // A signed, limited, plastic free, "green" album including the artwork, liner notes, a download code and all the lyrics! No plastic, so no CD, but a piece of art!

  • € 52 of meer

    Sweet OR Spicy Package: physical album + a jar of homemade mustard OR organic honey from my parents' farm (let us know your preference, incl. shipping costs within the EU)

  • € 87 of meer

    DITCH-THE-PLASTIC Package + Album Download // Let´s cut the plastic with our new organic cotton TOTE BAGS! Need a hot beverage to keep you going? Pack one of our beautifully designed INSULATED FLASKS (stainless steel) and say goodbye to single-use cups! (incl. shipping costs within the EU)

  • € 101 of meer

    THE ROYAL Package // WE RISE - Limited Physical Edition + FRÉsh, organic cotton T-Shirt + Stainless Steel Insulated Flask + Organic Cotton Tote bag // The whole package! Cut the plastic and go all in with the WE RISE Royal Package!! Useful, beautiful and high quality. (incl. shipping costs within EU)

  • € 250 of meer

    Album Release Party VIP Experience // 2 Tickets to the official release concert on October 4th at Forum Mariengarden in Burlo + best seats in the room, sparkling wine before the concert, free drinks and after-show hang with the band + WE RISE - Limited Physical Edition

  • € 450 of meer

    Fly-on-the-Wall Studio Experience // Join us for an evening in Osnabrück during the recordings, inclusive dinner cooked by Frederike’s Mama!! (dates: May 20th, 21st or 22nd)

  • € 670 of meer

    FRÉ - DUO CONCERT EXPERIENCE // Transform your living room or garden into a cozy, intimate concert space with this DUO Concert! Also bookable for events! (excl. travel costs)

  • € 1.230 of meer

    FRÉ - FULL CONCERT EXPERIENCE // Gather all your friends and family! We´re coming with the whole band to your living room, garden, or wherever you want us to play! (excl. travel costs)

  • € 1.500 of meer

    Executive Producer credits // You. Are. Amazing! You´ll get executive producer credits + Free permission to all FRÉ concerts (+one) PLUS the ROYAL Package. You have a special place in our hearts! <3 (incl. shipping costs within the EU)

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