Hoera!! Remigijus Kazukauskas - Debut Album by EDSON ENSEMBLE is geslaagd!

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Support and help us to release our debut album of chamber jazz music.

Remigijus Kazukauskas
Remigijus Kazukauskas

I am jazz flute player from Lithuania, currently living and working as a freelance musicians in The Netherlands

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    What a great choice! As vinyl record lovers we are very excited about this too. Our first vinyl will be yours! Thank you so much for supporting us this way. We do hope you will enjoy the full experience of this Vinyl and it will keep turning till our next release.

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    Any donation counts and for this we are very grateful to receive your contribution. Thank you!

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    Be the first to listen to the whole album before it's out. For this contribution you'll be able to download our full album and art work digitally before the release date. Much appreciated!

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    HYDRA Tote Bag

    Designed by EDSON ENSEMBLE and featuring modern art work from our debut album, these cotton totes will carry everything for you...including a big dose of happiness to which you can contribute by supporting our album. Thank you so much!

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    2 Tickets to our Album Release Show

    Bring your best friend, partner, or a family member to see our album release show. This selection is a great way to show your support by coming to celebrate our release day together. You'll get an invitation by post + digital download of our album. Looking forward to see you at the PARTY!

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    For this amazing gesture, we would like to invite you and a +1 to any concert of your choice in The Netherlands during our fall tour in 2023. Two copies of our signed vinyl, our bag and backstage meet-and-greet visit will be part of your experience. Furthermore, you'll be mentioned as an essential supporter in the liner notes on our vinyl. Thank you so much for your generosity and support for the ARTS!

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    With indescribable joy we are sharing our most heartfelt gratitude toward your donation!!! For our largest donation, our largest prize: get a personalised composition written for and dedicated to YOU by our collaborator Quinn Jacobs! Furthermore, you'll be mentioned as an essential supporter in our liner notes, you'll receive a signed vinyl, printed and bound copy of the score of your personalised composition.

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