Hoera!! Nadine van Loon - Notes from Brussels is geslaagd!

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Notes from Brussels

NOTES FROM BRUSSELS explores the life choices of three women working in the competitive ‘Brussels bubble’...

Nadine van Loon
Nadine van Loon

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    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

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    Thank you for supporting this project! We will keep you updated about progress made.

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    Film Poster

    You will receive a digital film poster! + the rewards applicable under the ‘UPDATES’ reward.

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    Digital Film Link & Credits

    You will receive a temporary digital link of the film after it’s release and your name will be mentioned in the credits of the film. + all the rewards as mentioned under the ‘FILM POSTER’ reward.

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    Personal message from cast

    You will get access to a video message from the main characters, in which they share their biggest challenge of a regular workday in their ‘corona’ reality. + all the rewards as mentioned under the ‘DIGITAL FILM & CREDITS’ award.

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    Exclusive screening with Q&A

    You will receive two tickets for an exclusive online screening of the film with Q&A with the director and moderated by Daria Nashat - founder of Leading with Resilience. Plus you will be mentioned in the film's credits. + all the rewards applicable under the ‘PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM CAST’ reward.

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    Set Walk & Talk

    After the film's release, you will be invited to join the director for an in person or virtual walk along set-locations. Converse about the film’s themes and share your own insights and stories about life-choices, setting boundaries in meaningful careers and the future of work. + all the rewards as mentioned under the ‘TWO PREMIERE TICKETS AND 30 DAY TRIAL OF ‘MINDSTRENGTH’ reward.

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    Get access to a selection of deleted scenes & a handwritten message from the director on film stills. + all the rewards applicable under the ‘SET WALK & TALK’ reward.

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    Executive producer

    Mention in the credits of the film as executive producer. + all the rewards applicable under the ‘SPECIAL’ reward.

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    Private Screening at your Home or Organization

    We will come to you or your organization, company, university or elsewhere for a private screening with Q&A or customized program. Let this film be the starting point for a discussion about the future of work, life choices in competitive work settings, women empowerment, leadership and how to best steer Europe’s future. + all the rewards as mentioned under the ‘EXECUTIVE PRODUCER’ reward here above.

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    Logo at Start Film and in Promotional Material

    Your organization’s or company’s logo at the start of the film plus in the film's promotional material (trailer, poster, digital flyer). - We will highlight your contribution during the campaign in our newsletter and through our social media channels. + all the rewards that apply to the ‘PRIVATE SCREENING AT YOUR HOME OR ORGANIZATION’ reward.

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