Hoera!! Simone Heijloo - L'U L'A is geslaagd!

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Help mij deze Afrikaanse hedendaagse dansvoorstelling te realiseren - Doneer nu!

Simone Heijloo
Simone Heijloo

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    Hoera! Het project heeft de drempel van 80% gehaald! De maker past de begroting aan om het project toch door te laten gaan.

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    € 50 of meer
    Meet & Greet with the artists!

    After the performance you can meet the artists and ask them questions about their work, the performance, the creative process and mission.

  • € 10 of meer
    Eeuwige dank!

    Dank je wel voor je bijdrage!

  • € 30 of meer
    African Contemporary dance class by Simone Heijloo

    You can join an African Contemporary dance class where we will enjoy the good African vibes with Contemporary dance influences. Open level - Wednesdays 18:30 at Studio Belcampo Loft, de Hallen, Amsterdam

  • € 75 of meer
    African Contemporary dance workshop

    You will recieve a spot in an African Contemporary dance workshop accompanied with live West African percussion! Open level. Duration: 2 hour. Give it as a present to yourself or for somebody else!

  • € 100 of meer
    Private dance coaching

    Would you like to deepen your practice in the African Contemporary dance technique? Book a private dance coaching with me. Adapted to your personal needs and possibilities.

  • € 150 of meer
    Movement coaching

    Our movements tell us where to go As a graduated dance and movement therapist and Life Coach I help people to find their inner motivation in life and to work on their personal life goals. Movement coaching is accessible for everyone, young and old! Because we work with movement and there is no need to talk. The added value of movement coaching is the combination of dance therapy and life coaching. The (movement) process takes place through your own efforts, the combination of verbal and non-verbal means and the focus on your result. Private and adpated to your needs and possibilities. - Info: https://simoneheijloo.nl/movement-coaching/ - Contact: [email protected]

  • € 600 of meer
    African Contemporary dance performance

    An African Contemporary dance performance by Simone Heijloo and / or Anna Valentini. More info and details, you can contact Simone; [email protected]

  • € 1.000 of meer
    Choreography for weddings & parties!

    On one of the most important days of your life you can dance and celerate it! For your wedding day or a special party I will create a personal choreography especially for you and your loved one. Contact: [email protected]

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