How to donate

We're very happy that you've decided to make a contribution to one of the great creative ideas on!

Dear future backer,

Once you're at the page of the campaign you want to support, here's what to do:

Click on the text that says 'English' or 'Switch to English' at the top of the page.

how to donate desktop
On a laptop or desktop
how to donate mobile
On a mobile device

Now the page will refresh and all the buttons and additional texts are translated to English.

Donating via voordekunst is always free of charge.

When you're at the page where you can choose the amount and reward, you'll see a little tickbox beneath the field with the amount you want to donate. The text nest to this tickbox asks whether you want to contribute 5% extra to voordekunst. 'I want to support voordekunst with an additional 5%' We use this donation to further optimize our services, like the website.

If you've not ticked the 5% extra box you might get a pop-up that asks you again. Choose the green button if you do want to donate 5% extra, choose the grey button if you do not want to support voordekunst with 5% extra.

About voordekunst

As this is probably your first visit, you might want to know who we are, what we do and why.

voordekunst is the first and most successful crowdfunding platform for arts and culture projects in the Netherlands.

Since its launch on 4 November 2010, more than 200.000 donors have contributed to projects at Together they have donated a total of more than € 21 million, enabling over 3.000 projects to be funded successfully. This makes voordekunst the Netherlands’ largest donation-based crowdfunding platform.

(Last edited: February 21, 2019)

The objectives of voordekunst have remained unchanged since its foundation:

1. to encourage entrepreneurship among artists and art institutions and

2. to increase the visibility of public support for art and culture.

We help, advise and consult artists and art institutions before, during and after a crowdfunding campaign. We also organize various workshops about crowdfunding and financing arts.

Thanks to our approach, over 82% of the campaigns on our platform reach their goal.

We're a small team of about 8 people, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

How does voordekunst work?

voordekunst does not simply post projects online, but checks all of them to ensure feasibility. If a project plan is unrealistic, it will not appear online. This way, voordekunst attempts as far as possible to guarantee the feasibility of all projects.

A project is deemed to be successful if 100% (or more) of the target figure is raised. When this happens, donors are notified and the project creator is issued with information about all of the donors, together with a list of the amounts donated and anything agreed in return.

If a creator raises between 80% and 99% of the target figure by the deadline, a modified plan can be put forward. This is then submitted to all donors, who have a choice of withdrawing their contribution, increasing it or leaving it unchanged. So far there have been very little instances of donators withdrawing contributions and all of these projects became succesful voordekunst projects based on a modified budget.

If a creator raises 79% or less via voordekunst, all donors have their contributions refunded. This means that the project has not been successfully funded via voordekunst. This way voordekunst secures the donations for backers.

All donations are stored on a secure and separate bankaccount, and only after the campaign are transferred to a creator or refunded if the goal amaount was not reached within the specified timeframe.

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