How to donate

As voordekunst is in Dutch at the moment, here you can find how to donate in English:

Dear future backer,

We're very happy that you've decided to make a contribution to one of the great creative ideas on! As our website is in Dutch at the moment, we've put together this donation manual to help you contribute to the campaign of your choice.

Once you're at the page of the campaign you want to support, here's what to do:


 Click on the big green button that says 'Doneer nu' (donate now).
(Or a yellow button with the amount you want to donate).


Now you get to select a reward and to choose the amount you want to contribute.

If you want to contribute but don't want to receive a reward, please select the 'Geen tegenprestatie' ('no reward') option.

The tickbox beneath the field asks whether you want to contribute 5% extra to voordekunst. 'I want to support voordekunst with an additional 5%' We use this donation to further optimize our services, like the website.

Now you can click 'doorgaan' (continue).


If you've not ticked the 5% extra box you might get a pop-up that asks you again. Choose the green button if you do want to donate 5% extra, choose the grey button if you do not want to support voordekunst with 5% extra.


Next we need a little contact information, so the artist can keep you updated on the campaign, your reward and to send you a confirmation of your contribution.

  • You can log in if you already have a voordekunst profile ('inloggen')
  • If you're here for the first time just enter your e-mail address, and you're done.

Choose the option that suits you best, and if you wish you can use Facebook to log in or create an account as well.


This is the last step: here you can enter your name (tick the box if you don't want your name to be shown on the page).

For some rewards your address is required. Fill in the address you want to receive your reward at.

Enter a motivation that shows up on the website. 'Waarom steun je dit project' ('why are you supporting this campaign'). This is optional.

And select you preferred method of payment (donating via voordekunst is always free of charge).


Click the big green button 'afronden' and you will be sent to Buckaroo, our secure payment provider, to make your contribution.

And you're done!

When you've completed your contribution, you'll see a festive thank you page!

Thanks for helping make a great idea come to life.

All the best,

team voordekunst

contact us if you have any questions

We'd love to help you!

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