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Thank you so much for your donation! You will receive eternal gratefulness from the OCCII crew in return. Want to donate a different amount without a reward? Pick the option at the bottom of this list!

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OCCII Tote Bag Original cotton tote bag with OCCII-design especially printed by screenprinting De Rakel (Binnenpret) for this campaign

verwachte levertijd 01 september.

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-NIEUWE SHIRTS- OCCII T-shirt Special edition OCCII T-shirt with OCCII-design especially printed by screenprinting De Rakel (Binnenpret) for this campaign

verwachte levertijd 01 september.

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OCCII print edition (2014). Nine specially commissioned A3 risograph prints by artists who have performed at occii. Edition of 75 boxes made for occii 30 year anniversary. Artists include Peter Brotzmann, Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt), Megan Remy (U.S. Girls) Rogier Smal.

verwachte levertijd 01 juli.

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A2 OCCII wallpaper + Binnenpret poster Also includes T-shirt & Tote bag Original print of the current wallpaper in the venue + an original '30 years binnenpret' poster. You also get the OCCII T-shirt and tote bag especially printed for this campaign!

verwachte levertijd 01 september.

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OCCII strippenkaart A 'strippenkaart' (busticket) for OCCII concerts with 15 spaces. Visit 15 concerts for free by checking off boxes!

verwachte levertijd 01 september.

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Butcherś Tears Tour + Beer Tasting for up to 10 people.

verwachte levertijd 01 augustus.

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Play with your band in OCCII! Organize an event in OCCII! Releasing an EP/Album or want to set up a gig for your nephew? This is your chance! Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information before picking this option!

verwachte levertijd 01 september.

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Design the New Wallpaper Around every couple of years our walls get a makeover. Want to leave your mark in the most unique way possible? Design our next wallpaper! As long as it meets a couple of requirements, you get complete creative control.

verwachte levertijd 01 augustus.

"Thank you so much for donating! Because of you and all other supporters OCCII can keep on stirring up the underground with our soundsystem."

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