Giedde Ensemble Recording

een project van Ondřej Bernovský — Utrecht, Nederland
Giedde Ensemble Recording

Giedde ensemble records old treasures from the historically important but overlooked Giedde collection of...

Ondřej Bernovský
Ondřej Bernovský

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    € 80 of meer

    Personal de-luxe album copy. Receive both a digital copy and our CD, with a personal hand-written dedication and signatures of four ensemble members inside. Your are special to us, let us be special to you in return! Invitation to our CD release event will follow after our campaign.

  • € 10 of meer

    Everything counts, thank you very much! You will receive two tickets for our CD release event in Utrecht, The Netherlands in December 2019.

  • € 25 of meer

    Digital. Receive the link for the digital version of our recording for personal use once it is ready.

  • € 35 of meer

    Pre-order. Receive a copy of our new CD into your mailbox. Great as a Christmas present for yourself or your dear ones! Alternatively, you can pick up your copy at our CD release event in December in Utrecht.

  • € 60 of meer

    Listen everywhere. Receive both a printed CD and a digital version of our recording into your mailboxes once they are ready. Let the music collected by Giedde accompany you wherever you go.

  • € 120 of meer

    Visit one of our rehearsals or meet us afterwards to ask anything you would like to know! (available in Utrecht, Paris, Berlin, Prague). For advanced players, feel free to bring music of your choice you would like to play with us (pitch a=415 Hz). You will also receive our recording.

  • € 200 of meer

    We (Lucie) will cook a dinner for you, available in The Netherlands or in Paris (your kitchen). Excl. travel costs.

  • € 250 of meer

    Signed Concertina book with photos from our recording session, as well as a digital or CD copy and invitation to our release concert in Utrecht.

  • € 500 of meer

    For the true mecenas - we will mention your name or logo on a prominent place in the booklet. Of course, you will also receive the recordings, the concertina book with photos and special reserved seats for our CD release concert.

  • € 800 of meer

    Get a private concert with all four members of the ensemble together: bring the Giedde masterworks to your location or home! Our travel cost excluded. In addition, you will also receive the CD and a premium bonus track from the Giedde collection, sent digitally.

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