Hoera!! Scarlet Stories - Scarlet Stories full-length album! is geslaagd!

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Scarlet Stories full-length album!

Help progressive rock/metal band Scarlet Stories (Tilburg, NL) record and realize their first full-length...

Scarlet Stories
Scarlet Stories

Scarlet Stories is a dark ambient progressive rock/metal band from Tilburg

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  • Hoera!

    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

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    € 200 of meer

    Wooden box with handmade logo by Carmen, including handwritten lyrics of single + physical single + physical album + EP 'Resurrection' + button + photo band + tote bag

  • € 2 of meer

    Lottery! Chance to win: hardcopy book '20.000 leagues under the sea' by Jules Verne, signed by the band including lyrics of our single ánd physical copy of single!

  • € 10 of meer

    Digital download of single + LOTTERY ticket! Chance to win: physical single + hardcover book '20.000 leagues under the sea' by Jules Verne, signed by band & lyrics of our song!

  • € 15 of meer

    Physical single 'Vingt mille lieues sous les mers (signed)

  • € 20 of meer

    Digital download of full-length album

  • € 30 of meer

    Physical digi-pack of full-length album!

  • € 45 of meer

    Physical digi-pack of full-length album + physical copy of single 'Vingt mille lieues sous les mers'

  • € 65 of meer

    Signed artwork A2 poster + physical digi-pack of the full-length album!

  • € 75 of meer

    Personal, one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes polaroid shots made by band (5x) + physical album

  • € 125 of meer

    Receive personal, handwritten postcards by Lisette every month for a year (12 in total)! Excl. physical album Starting Dec 2018

  • € 150 of meer

    Handmade booklet of all handwritten lyrics of album songs, with personal note by Lisette + physical album

  • € 150 of meer

    Used (that means; cracked) drum cymbal of Tim, signed by the entire band!

  • € 170 of meer

    Canvas of artwork Jelle Steenhuisen of album OR single cover (signed on back by band; size: 60x90cm) + physical album

  • € 175 of meer

    Guest at one of our rehearsal nights, photo with the band and pizza & drinks dinner + physical album!

  • € 250 of meer

    Visit us at a first listening session of the album pre-release; have a 1st listen and photo with the band + physical album Date t.b.a./datum volgt later

  • € 300 of meer

    Special guest at three of our shows (incl. album release), signed photo w/ the band + physical album Only shows w/ band guest-list Acces backstage/soundcheck (if venue permits)

  • € 500 of meer

    Signed artwork album on canvas + physical album + guest at listening session album pre-release!

  • € 750 of meer

    All physical perks! Incl. album, single, poster A2, polaroids, postcards for a year, handmade lyrics booklet, wooden box & signed canvas

  • € 1.000 of meer

    Acoustic (living room) concert* + album + signed artwork on canvas + guest at listening session pre-release! *location within NL/locatie binnen NL; unless discussed otherwise

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