Sexual Healing Project

een project van Nienke Helder — Eindhoven, Nederland
Sexual Healing Project

A new approach to deal with sexual dysfunction after a traumatic experience.

Nienke Helder
Nienke Helder
Founder and Designer

Sexual Healing is a project by Studio Nienke Helder. Within this studio, we focus on researcch based product design.

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    Sexual Healing Lecture event - 2 Tickets (incl. a drink!) - 3 speakers on topics of Sexual Health, Design Research and Feminsm - 31-January - TAC, Eindhoven

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    Become Sexual Healing Ambassador! We are eternally greatful and a personal (digital) thanknote from the Sexual Healing team!

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    Limited edition Sexual Healing Socks!
 Did you know it's very hard for a woman to get an orgasm when she has cold feet? Hand-printed and machine washable (:

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    Sexual Healing Talk! Let's get personal. A 30 min. Skype conversation with Sexual Healing founder Nienke. Upon appointment (Also optional as interview)

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    Mini-subscription to 3-part Sexual Healing (monthly) podcast series. About personal experiences, inspiring people and the development of the project.

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    Sexual Healing Lecture, custom to your event. Focussed on personal story, the project research or the collaboration between science and design. (excl. travelcost)

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    Adopt a Prototype! Personal adoption certificate, monthly updates on your specific prototype and mentioned as an official sponsor. Optional collaboration in the research.

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