Hoera!! Tjalle - The album release with Felipe Antunes is geslaagd!

Dankzij 60 donaties die samen € 1.745 opleverden voor Tjalle.
Superbedankt voor het bijdragen via voordekunst.

The album release with Felipe Antunes

To release our album in Brazil I have to get there.


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  • Hoera!

    Hoera! Het project heeft de drempel van 80% gehaald! De maker past de begroting aan om het project toch door te laten gaan.

  •   Tip
    € 75 of meer

    I would very much like to come and improvise/listen/play with/for you, and you're also very much welcome to do the same! (we'll figure out the details together)

  • € 10 of meer

    Yes!! You have our love! Thanks! We'd like to keep you up-to-date with our plans.

  • € 25 of meer

    We'll make sure you'll be able to hear the album soon! (cd/usb/link/dvd, something!) Thank you for being our fan, we're your fan too! Definitely will write you something personal.

  • € 50 of meer

    You are very much part of this amazing journey! Obrigado !! There will be send video(s) of our concerts to you; possibly live-streamed.

  • € 250 of meer

    You may call yourself a Very Important Person within our project ! And, you may tell me how I could help you.

  • € 500 of meer

    Felipe and I will write you a (extremely beautiful, promised!) personal song. It's going to be one big gift for another. You are voting for trust !

  • Geen tegenprestatie

    Ik wil dit project graag steunen en hoef hiervoor geen tegenprestatie te ontvangen

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