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Earthenware is a collective which strives to celebrate being unified. Making crockery from locally source...


Eartheware is a young collective which strives to celebrate, being unified and connected despite our differences..

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    € 150 of meer

    Be the proud owner of 4 mugs and a carafe made from locally sourced clay.

  • € 15 of meer

    eternal gratitude

  • € 50 of meer

    goodiebag (handcrafted bag with mug and some local sweets)

  • € 75 of meer

    Book (filled with our journey and proces)

  • € 100 of meer

    Do you like our artisanal website? Receive 4 drawings (A3) made by our involved artist (Ingemar Jorijn Mulder) and graphic designer (Ilse Moelands)

  • € 500 of meer

    Four mugs and a carafe is not sufficient? Own complete set for two people: 2 tea mugs 2 coffee mugs 2 small bowls 2 big bowls 2 small plates 2 big plates 2 deep plates 1 carafe

  • € 1.000 of meer

    A Complete set for two not special enough? A set made from clay from Kampen: 6 tea mugs 6 coffee mugs 6 small bowls 6 big bowls 6 small plates 6 big plates 6 deep plates 1 carafe

  • € 7.500 of meer

    Do you like our pitchvideo? Be one of the lucky few and become the proud owner of a similar video made for your company or city, made by us! (proces in deliberation)

  • € 10.000 of meer

    Proud inhabitant of one of the cities that we will be visiting? Show us around and become the ambassador of your city in one of our episodes!

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