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Dankzij 47 donaties die samen € 2.030 opleverden voor Orisun Studio.
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We are an online platform for young designers coming from various fashion and art academies. We need your...

Orisun Studio
Orisun Studio

We create meaningful projects in the creative industry.

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    Hoera! Het project heeft de drempel van 80% gehaald! De maker past de begroting aan om het project toch door te laten gaan.

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    € 75 of meer

    Join the tribe, get to see our first fashion film and collaborate with us!

  • € 10 of meer

    Join the tribe! Share some good vibes by supporting a good cause! Note: Fashion students from various academies around the world will automatically be part of the project.

  • € 15 of meer

    Every contributor will get an exclusive ticket to see our first fashion film before its online release! Which will be a screening at an art academy!

  • € 25 of meer

    You will recieve an invitation to our release party!

  • € 50 of meer

    Collaborate with us! We are more than happy to team up and develop interesting collaborations when it comes to editorial shoots,

  • € 100 of meer

    Promote your company on our website!

  • € 150 of meer

    Design by choice! For this amount you may choose from a selection of designs that we are offering.

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