S.O.S. Bras Beat

een project van Simone Sou — Tilburg, Nederland
S.O.S. Bras Beat

This CD S.O.S Bras Beat presents my own compositions (instrumental and songs) inspired on brazilian and world music, produced in Holland.

Simone  Sou
Simone Sou

I am a professional musician for 25 years, traveling with bands in world tours. I am also a teacher and I develop my own music since 2001.

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Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

  •   Tip
    € 30 of meer
    23 donaties

    You get a signed and posted CD plus the “Bras Beat Booklet”- a 6 paged booklet featuring rhythm patterns, lirics, pictures from recording sessions, and infos about compositions.

  • € 10 of meer
    8 donaties

    You receive a personalized certificate of your donation by email.

  • € 25 of meer
    19 donaties

    You receive a posted S.O.S Bras Beat CD.

  • € 35 of meer
    15 donaties

    “Early birds”, special offer for only the first 25 donors! You receive a signed and posted S.O.S Bras Beat CD plus Simone's first CD released in Brasil in 2011 – Sim One Sou .

  • € 40 of meer
    7 donaties

    7 OFFERS ONLY! You get a signed CD, the “Bras Beat Booklet” and a brazilian instrument: “Reco de Mola” ! (you get all direct from me in Tilburg, ( time and date to be arranged)

  • € 50 of meer
    12 donaties

    You receive two S.O.S. Bras Beat CDs posted plus two “Bras Beat Booklets”.

  • € 85 of meer
    3 donaties

    You get a signed/posted CD, “Bras Beat Booklet” plus 1 hour collective Body Percussion workshop (+ 2 extra persons) in the weekend of june 18/19, 2016 (time and location in NL tba)

  • € 165 of meer
    0 donaties

    You get a signed/posted CD, 1/half hour collective Brazilian Percussion workshop (+ 3 extra persons), june 18/19, 2016 and 4 tickets to Solo Concert on the same evening (time tba).

  • € 225 of meer
    3 donaties

    10 OFFERS ONLY ! You get one signed and posted CD and your name in the special thanks inside the CD as a special contributor!

  • € 275 of meer
    2 donaties

    UNIQUE OFFER! You get 2 signed CDs, 2 Booklets, 1 shaker produced myself with recycled material, your name on the special thanks in CD + 1hr private Percussion lesson for 2 persons

  • € 325 of meer
    0 donaties

    UNIQUE OFFER! You get a signed CD, a Booklet + a brazilian pair of Caxixi shaker from personal collection! Your name in CD, 1/half hour private lesson in Tilburg (time/date tba)

  • € 425 of meer
    0 donaties

    You get a signed and posted CD and a solo concert in the house of contributor in NL for maximum 40 people ( time and date to be arranged ).

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