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We’ve made it, we’re happy & We’re 723458623 grateful! Thank you.…..but, tada! don't leave just yet.... there's more to do!!


Groovy, intimate, lyrical rhythmic songs by James Powell

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    Double yay! We think you’re great. You will receive the EP on vinyl and high quality digital files of the songs. We want to be your friend.

  • Yay! You are a fine person. We will send you high quality digital files of the songs.

  • Hurray! We admire your sophistication. We will send you the EP on vinyl, the beautiful EP artwork on canvas and high quality digital files of the songs.

  • Let us shake your hand. You’re a scholar and a saint! To reward your generosity we will send you 4 (!) EP's on vinyl so you can share our music with family and friends. Yay sharing! You will also receive the digital files of course.

  • Knock me down! Pinch me! We. Love. You. We propose marriage. On your inevitable rejection we will BRING you all of the above when we come to serenade you at your house. Date?

  • Throw a bucket of water in our face, because we’re about to faint! We can’t begin to express… We offer to elope and on your inevitable rejection we will send you all of the above AND you get to feature on our next EP (playing, singing, clapping, we’ll decide together). Ready?

  • You are a strange and wonderful person. You don’t need anything, not from us. Though we are obviously very interested in discussing other future endeavours together!

  • Ik wil dit project graag steunen en hoef hiervoor geen tegenprestatie te ontvangen.

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