Hoera!! Marion - Help us finish & present INTO ETERNITY is geslaagd!

Dankzij 109 donaties die samen € 10.050 opleverden voor Marion.
Superbedankt voor het bijdragen via voordekunst.

Help us finish & present INTO ETERNITY

Finalising & concert/presenting our album ‘INTO ETERNITY’ around Remembrance Day

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Stichting Muzican

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  • Hoera!

    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

  •   Tip
    € 75 of meer
    Ticket to concert 29th of April 2023 & a signed CD

    Experience the music live and celebrate the concert/CD presentation on the 29th of April at the Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam. After the concert, we look forward to thanking you personally and you will receive a copy of the signed album to take home with you.

  • € 10 of meer
    A big Thank YOU

    You will receive a personalised video message from one of us

  • € 25 of meer
    High quality digital download of 'INTO ETERNITY'

    You will receive a high quality digital version of the Album Into Eternity and a video with a personal thank you message!

  • € 35 of meer
    Ticket to the concert 29th of April in Amsterdam

    Experience the music live & celebrate the cd presentation with us at the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam (Haarlemmerstraat) on the 29th of April, 20.15h. We would love to thank you personally after the concert.

  • € 50 of meer
    A signed CD

    A signed CD with a personal thank-you message and a high quality digital download of the album.

  • € 80 of meer
    A piano lesson with me

    Would you like to come over to Marion to have a lesson (60min) on one of your favourite pieces and get some tips?

  • € 110 of meer
    2 tickets for the concert & a signed CD

    Be present at the concert with a friend and enjoy this special event together and take home a copy of the signed CD. Celebrate the release together with us. We look forward to meeting you and thanking you personally for your generosity.

  • € 175 of meer
    Composition lesson with me

    Would you like to get some help or tips for a composition that is in your head and get it on paper or into your fingers? I am happy to offer an afternoon to work on that.

  • € 250 of meer
    A short composition for YOU

    A short composition made from the letters of your name - with a handwritten THANK YOU note.

  • € 1.000 of meer
    A private concert at my house with a meal

    Please be my guest for a private concert at my studio with a meal, that I will cook especially for you. (Max 6 people).

  • € 1.000 of meer
    Private Duo concert at your house

    Percussionist Jacobus Thiele who is also featured on the album and I will perform at your house with duos and solos.

  • Geen tegenprestatie

    Ik wil dit project graag steunen en hoef hiervoor geen tegenprestatie te ontvangen

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