Faces of Bocaina - Documentary Project

een project van Faces of Bocaina — Bocaina, São Paulo, Brazilië
Faces of Bocaina - Documentary Project

A documentary to join the traditional Brazilian communities in their fight for justice.

Faces of Bocaina
Faces of Bocaina
Students and Mentors

As a project of Breda University, we are creating a documentary with the communities of Bocaina, in Brazil.

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    Made With Love

    Warmest thanks! The Bocaina region is famous for its artisanal products. You will receive a one-of-a-kind decorative souvenir handmade by one of the three traditional communities of the area.

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    3... 2... 1... Action!

    Thank you so much for your donation! You will receive a link to our exclusive behind-the-scenes blog, and your name will be mentioned in the credits of our documentary (let us know if you wish to remain anonymous).

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    You’ve Got Mail!

    We appreciate your contribution! Keep an eye on your letter box: we will send you a postcard when we get to Brazil!

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    Play, Rewind, Play Again

    Thank you, you are amazing! For this contribution, we will send you a one-of-a-kind handmade wearable souvenir. And, once the film is ready, you will receive a download link to watch it over and over again.

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    An Unforgettable Time

    Your support means the world! With this donation you scored yourself 2 tickets to the premiere of our documentary, plus a large one-of-a-kind handmade souvenir from one of the Bocaina communities.

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    The Red Carpet Awaits!

    We could not do without you! With this generous contribution, you receive three tickets to join us at the premiere of our documentary as VIPs: bites and bubbles on us. In addition, you will receive the download link to the movie.

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    The Gift of Giving

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Join our VIP movie premiere experience along with 4 of your friends: red carpet, bites and bubbles included. You will also receive the download link to the movie!

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    Treated Like A Star

    Woohoo! For an immensely generous donation, you will receive a total of 8 VIP tickets to our documentary’s premiere, including red carpet, bubbles, and bites. Due to the significant help you provided in our campaign, you will be credited as Associate Producer (or have your company logo added to the credits) and will receive the download link to the final film.

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    Move Your Body, Move The World

    We are unbelievably moved by your generosity. For taking so much interest in our project, you will receive 10 VIP tickets to our documentary premiere: walk a phenomenal red carpet, enjoy some bites and bubbles and get the download link to the film. But that is not all! For all 10 of you we will arrange a private Latin dance workshop to get your moves on and have some fun.

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