MARIA ANOUK Hardrock Debuut-EP

een project van Maria Anouk — Amsterdam, Nederland
MARIA ANOUK Hardrock Debuut-EP

Help me make Rock BLACK, QUEER and FEMALE again with my Debut EP!

Maria Anouk
Maria Anouk

Reclaiming the right to rock as a queer person of color. Singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, dancer, model, allround performer.

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  •   Tip € 70 of meer
    Signed Vinyl Record + MERCH

    You will receive the Vinyl autographed by me, AND including MERCH!

  • € 10 of meer
    Eternal Gratitute!

    Thanks to you, I can make my biggest dream come true and take this giant step in my career as an artist.

  • € 25 of meer

    You will receive a pre-listen of one of the songs in your mailbox, before the EP is released. This way you'll be the first to hear it!

  • € 35 of meer
    Digital Download

    You will receive the digital download of the entire EP in your mailbox on release day. This way you'll have the songs downloaded on all of your devices without a streaming platform.

  • € 55 of meer
    Vinyl Record

    You will receive the Vinyl record of my Debut EP! Give it a beautiful place with the rest of your favorite Vinyls or hang my EP on the wall as decoration (I promise the design will be mind-blowing).

  • € 85 of meer
    Behind the Scenes

    Come have a look behind the scenes and attend one of my rehearsals for the release concert! You'll be one of the few who get to witness the process of creating a show.

  • € 250 of meer
    Release concert invite + Vinyl & MERCH

    You will get a personal invite to my private release concert! I can personally meet you, perform my new songs for you AND you'll get to go home with the Vinyl record and MARIA ANOUK MERCH!

  • € 1.500 of meer
    Write a Song About You

    We'll have a drink together so that I can get to know you. Then I'll write a song about all the beauty I see in you, record it acoustically in my home-studio and send the MP3 to your mailbox!

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