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PASTLIVES - A Queer Mythology

PAST LIVES is an immersive-theater project about queer mythologies fueled by drag-transformism.


SasaHara (1993 - They/Them - French Algerian) is a queer storyteller working with drag-transformism, text and performance.

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    Hoera! Het project heeft de drempel van 80% gehaald! De maker past de begroting aan om het project toch door te laten gaan.

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    An alliance cannot emerge without allies. You are the key milestone of the PASTLIVES. Infinite thanks for your kind support. For your help, we invite you kindly to select an image of one of the PASTLIVES stories on the website www.sasahara.nl to send it to us by email at [email protected] and we will send you a signed beautiful print of it!

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    Thank you, the small waterstreams become the largest of rivers! Eternal gratitude for your support, and we will think of you during all of our rehearsals.

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    Woop woop! Make it rain make it rain! We love you, and will take a moment to make a great selfie with you after the show in our full looks and make-up with a little instastory post!

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    The powerful stream of your support is carrying us far! We are lifted up thanks to your windmastery, and for that we will treat you with whatever drink you want at the opening night (x1), in addition to a legendary selfie with our performance team post-show in full look.

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    Your nurturing magic run deeps, and our roots are expanding thanks to you! In exchange for your support we offer you a little piece of Ramzart's art like a handmade postcard with our dearest greetings! Ramzart is the shibari artist who designs parts of our scenography. http://www.ramzart.ca/

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    Solar being

    Your sunbeams are helping us grow, activating all of our photosynthesis potency. Thanks to you the PASTLIVES are thriving, and for that we are eternally grateful. We would like to offer you a dedicated small myth written for you by SasaHara and sent on a handmade postcard by Ramzart. Your Myth will then become a part of the Past Lives and enter our cosmos for eternity.

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    Cosmic entity

    We revel in your presence, you are one with the Origin, the PASTLIVES are your inheritance, stemming from your very own benevolence. All our team wishes to meet and greet with you, we want to offer you a dinner with us and enjoy countless conversations on mythologies, queerness and art with you.

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