Dansvoorstelling "RISE ..."

een project van Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE — Amsterdam, Nederland
Dansvoorstelling "RISE ..."

Help ons de Afrikaans-hedendaagse uitvoering van "RISE..." te realiseren. Hartelijk dank voor uw donaties


TeBogO Dance - TBO

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    € 100 of meer
    Private dance coaching

    Would you like to deepen your practice in African Contemporary dance? Book your private dance coaching with me. Adapted to your personal needs and possibilities.

  • € 10 of meer
    Eeuwige dank!

    Dank je wel voor je bijdrage!

  • € 30 of meer
    African Contemporary dance class

    Join the African Contemporary dance class by Tebby Ramasike! Enjoy the good vibes and dance!

  • € 75 of meer
    Dance performance in African Contemporary dance

    Dance performances (Afro-Butoh , African Contemporary, .... ) by Tebby Ramasike and / or Simone Heijloo. More info: [email protected]

  • € 500 of meer
    VIP Invitation and Afro-Butoh Workshop Residency and Performance

    You will receive a VIP invitation to the performance of "RISE...", your name will be mentioned at the start of the performance and/or in the programme book, to thank you for your support. You will also be invited to Meet the Artists after the show. Additionally, to join one of my Afro-Butoh residency workshop *(to be planned in the last quarter of the year) and be part of the performance group and/or active audience member that will be part of the research and creative process. Please contact us for more information at : [email protected] Kindly leave your contact details for further communication.

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    Ik wil dit project graag steunen en hoef hiervoor geen tegenprestatie te ontvangen

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