Hoera!! festival GIVE-A-DANS! - Festival GIVE-A-DANS! is geslaagd!

Dankzij 303 donaties die samen € 15.595 opleverden voor festival GIVE-A-DANS!.
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Festival GIVE-A-DANS!

Festival GIVE-A-DANS! - hommage aan de kweekvijver van 33 jaar hedendaagse dans.

festival GIVE-A-DANS!
festival GIVE-A-DANS!

Vijfdaags festival GIVE-A-DANS!, hommage aan de opleiding Moderne Theaterdans - kweekvijver van 33 jaar hedendaagse dans

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    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

  •   Tip
    € 100 of meer
    Somatic dancer

    Exclusive pre-recorded meditation by mindfulness teacher Hildegarde De Baets or a somatic Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) class by Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito. These recorded classes have been created especially for GIVE-A-DANS! donors. And on top of that, you will receive a signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication.

  • € 10 of meer

    Thank you! Eternal gratitude from the organizing team – we will include you in our prayers, meditations and fitwalks.

  • € 25 of meer

    Great! You can take a selfie with one of the artists or one of the teachers at the GIVE-A-DANS! festival.

  • € 50 of meer
    Nostalgia Buff

    Thank you so much! We will treat you to coffee or a glass of wine during the festival.

  • € 75 of meer

    Thank you so much! You will receive a signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication, which will be waiting for you in the foyer of the festival location. (Notify us if you can't make it, then we will send you the digital version)

  • € 150 of meer

    You will receive an exclusive t-shirt of the event. You can shine at the event looking like a real fashionista, flashing your signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication.

  • € 250 of meer

    You will receive a ticket to one of the workshops with a fresh smoothie. And because you're our dear VIP, you will receive a signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication.

  • € 500 of meer

    Woohoo! You will receive two tickets for the performances at the festival. Next to that, we will thank you by saying your name at the start of opening night ánd you will receive a signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication.

  • € 1.000 of meer
    Art lover

    Grazie mille! You will receive a day pass for the festival: access to all workshops and performances! And not only that: you will be invited to a special ensemble singing class by the acclaimed Jodi Gilbert. And your love for art will be boosted extra with a signed copy of the MTD Legacy publication.

  • € 2.000 of meer

    Shukran!! You will earn a passe partout for the entire festival ánd a VIP treatment on opening night (bubbles, massage, meet&greet with your favourite artist or former teachers)...the works. And....you will learn an acrobatic trick with a self-chosen partner from the acclaimed Det Rijven! When you're catching your breath on the couch afterwards, you will have your own signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication to have a quiet read...

  • € 5.000 of meer

    Oh my gosh!!! You are our long awaited, most dear, superhero donor that will receive a VIP treatment from the start to the end of the festival. A special seat during all performances, as many meet-and-greets as you like, a private somatic Functional Integration (Feldenkrais) session with Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito and many glasses of champagne. And of course you will receive a signed copy of the exclusive MTD Legacy publication, with a golden ribbon.

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