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minimaal € 10 euro.

€ 10 of meer
Supernova Cinema bedankt jou!

A heart felt thank you from the Supernova Cinema team!

€ 25 of meer
IQMF Poster - Daniel Arzola

IQMF on your wall! Who wouldn't want a beautiful festival poster by artist Daniel Arzola from IQMF's archive? This much wanted poster is waiting for you and can be picked up at the Supernova Cinema.

okt 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 40 of meer
Supernova queer tour

Tour Amsterdam's queer hot spots, finishing with a drink and film at the Supernova Cinema.

dec 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 50 of meer
Blinde vlekken workshop

Diversity and inclusivity are topics that can be sanded down nicely. In this workshop we will deal with our own blind spots in a light-hearted, playful manner. From the principles of deep democracy, we will discuss diversity and the role it plays in our environment without conflicting with each other. The Blind Spots Workshop (online) is given by one of Supernova initiators Shayne McCreadie (De Cultuurshifters) and lasts about 1.5 hours.

okt 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 50 of meer
Naamsvermelding in kunstwerk

Attribution in artwork Your name will be featured in a special artwork within the Supernova Cinema.

dec 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 75 of meer
Masterclass: Dekolonisatie & Nederlands-Indië

Lara Nuberg writes, speaks and produces (audio) stories about colonial history and identity. In a on-off chance for the Supernova Cinema, Nuberg will give a masterclass on decolonization and the one-sided view on the Netherland’s role in commemorating the colonial era in the Dutch East Indies. Lara Nuberg is known for her blog Her debut novel Gado Gado will be published in January 2022 by publisher DasMag.

feb 2022 verwachte levertijd.

€ 75 of meer
Masterclass Diversity in Film

IQMF-programmer Sudeep Dasgupta takes you through the history of diversity in film in 1.5 hours. Follow the masterclass with a film screening curated by Sudeep Dasgupta and a drink at the Supernova Cinema.

dec 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 150 of meer
IQMF x Soura Queer Film Festival

Thank you for your contribution! You will receive a passe-partout for the multi-day Soura Film Festival, the Berlin queer film festival that will take place from October 28th-31st at the Supernova Cinema. You will also receive a free ticket for the festival’s closing party (location to be announced).

okt 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 200 of meer
IQMF 2021

You are our best ambassador! With this contribution you become a friend of the International Queer & Migrant Film Festival. You will receive a passe-partout for our four-day film festival in December 2021, which will take place at the Supernova Cinema, among other locations. You will also receive an IQMF tote bag with IQMF merch: an IQMF sweater, an IQMF poster and a set of IQMF postcards. Your tote bag is waiting for you at the Supernova Cinema!

dec 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 250 of meer
Opening Supernova Cinema + vrijkaartjes!

You and a guest are invited to attend the opening of the brightest star in town: the new Supernova Cinema! The expected opening date of Supernova Cinema is mid-September. You also get 2x2 free tickets for a movie of your choice. Your name will be featured in a special artwork on a wall of the Supernova Cinema

sep 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 300 of meer
Supernova & chill: intiem diner met ons team

We are happy to spoil you for an intimate dinner for 2 at the Supernova Cinema, where you’ll get to know our –truly lovely– team! Your name will be featured in a special artwork on a wall of the Cinema. Come, sit down, have a delicious meal and watch a movie with us. Supernova & chill.

dec 2021 verwachte levertijd.

€ 1.250 of meer
The floor is yours!

Own a cinema for 1 day and see all your favorite films on the big screen! Invite all your friends to your own private screening – we’ll help you put together the ultimate program. Your name will be mentioned on the big screen alongside the titles of your favourite films. You will be invited to the opening of Supernova Cinema and celebrate the opening of the cinema of the entire team!

"Wij zijn jou dankbaar voor jouw support van onze campagne. Met jouw donatie maken wij van onze droom Supernova Cinema werkelijkheid!"
- Supernova Cinema

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