Hoera!! Ale - OnAlti Summer Academy 2021 is geslaagd!

Dankzij 47 donaties die samen € 10.500 opleverden voor Ale.
Superbedankt voor het bijdragen via voordekunst.

OnAlti Summer Academy 2021

Help this new Summer Music Course come to life! Masterclasses, Fusion Concerts, workshops and more!


OnAlti Summer Academy 2021 is a music course that connects students, teachers and audience through masterclasses, workshops and concerts.

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  • Hoera!

    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

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    € 50 of meer
    Listen to masterclasses!

    With this donation you will be given the posibility to assist as a listener to one-day masterclasses. Let us know your chosen date!

  • € 10 of meer
    Everlasting Gratitude

    Your generosity very well deserves our most sincere thankfulness.

  • € 20 of meer
    Public Gratitude

    Thank you so much for the support! Your name will appear in a thank you post in our social media.

  • € 100 of meer
    1 Fusion Concert!

    Experience one of our Fusion Concerts! Let us know which concert of the Festival you would like to listen and one ticket will be yours!

  • € 200 of meer
    1-day auditor!

    You will come to a whole day of masterclasses and an evening Fusion Concert.

  • € 500 of meer
    Full auditor!

    You will have full access as an auditor to the whole course. You will listen to all the masterclasses and Fusion Concerts!

  • € 1.000 of meer
    Splendor Amsterdam.

    Wow! The donation will go to the rental of one of our venues: Splendor Amsterdam. Personalized agreements can be granted.

  • € 1.500 of meer

    Woow! The donation will go to the rental of one of our venues: Uilenburgersjoel. Personalized agreements can be granted.

  • € 2.000 of meer
    Special colaboration

    We will a keep a close relationship and we will recognize you as official sponsors of our Summer Academy. You will be published in our social media and web page. Also, your logo and name may physically appear at the venues. Personalized agreements can be granted.

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