Hoera!! Cas du Pree - Debuut album Cas du Pree is geslaagd!

Dankzij 53 donaties die samen € 3.160 opleverden voor Cas du Pree.
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Debuut album Cas du Pree

I am working on my debut album which is autobiographic and I need YOUR help to be able to complete it!

Cas du Pree
Cas du Pree

Ik ben Cas du Pree, een Geldersche singer-songwriter die na zijn debuutsingle druk bezig is met het afronden van zijn eerste album!

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  • Hoera!

    Dit project is helemaal voordekunst. De financiering is geslaagd. Via de updates houdt de projectmaker je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen rond dit project.

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    € 40 of meer
    Copy of my debut album when it's released

    When my album is going to be released you will get a physical copy and be one of the first to hear it!

  • € 10 of meer
    Eternal gratitude!

    Although there is nothing physical to get, it does not mean your donation doesn't make any difference. Since every bit really helps, I would be grateful for ever.

  • € 15 of meer
    Copy of my debut single 'A Better Me'

    There are 15 copies of my debut single to hand out before it's out of stock. Consider this a limited edition!

  • € 60 of meer
    A special thank you + the album

    Your name will be printed as a thank you in the booklet of my debut album ánd, of course you'll get a physical copy as well! did I meantion that you'll be one of the first to hear it?

  • € 150 of meer
    Intimate 30 minute concert

    An intimate concert with the talented Frans Rinsma or Sandra de Bruin of 30 minutes. (if/when covid allows this) This will be in a special location in the Netherlands! (Keep this in mind when you actually want this, perhaps we can figure something out)

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    Ik wil dit project graag steunen en hoef hiervoor geen tegenprestatie te ontvangen

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