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Underground Dance Installation

door Off Projects
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    We are OFF Projects- a group of former dancers of NDT, looking for new ways to perform and communicate with our audience.
    We create performances and organize events involving dance, music, text and images.
    We've been given a unique opportunity to create a special performance for this year's Museum Night in Den Haag, on September 6 and 7. The performance is part of an event called Nieuwe Licht (New Light) in collaboration with fashion store HOOP and Kate Moore.
    Museum night is a big happening with exhibitions and events all over the city.
    The location for our project is the 500-year-old cellar of the old city hall.
    In the performance we invite the audience to discover this mysterious space with us, and experience dance and dancers in an intimate and personal setting.
    As part of the event there is also a sound installation by Kate Moore and at the end of the evening a party organized by HOOP.
    The organization of Museum Night offers publicity and logistics, but no money at all. A lot of people are volunteering a great deal of time and effort to make this happen, but we still need to pay the dancers for the performance days, cover some travel costs, get something to wear and we need to get materials for setting up the space and making it safe.
    Our total target budget is only €2000 (+ €140 for this website), so we're sure with your help we can make it!
    We offer fantastic rewards for your generosity, so read through the offers on the right to find which amount suits you.
    * If you are living outside of The Netherlands and can't attend the exclusive preview, we can compensate you with a digital package of photos and videos, so you can feel as close to the action as possible.
    ** The location and time of the proposed free movement class will be agreed upon and coordinated directly with the donors involved.
    Visit us on or
    Question? write us at

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